Tools o’ the ‘logger

see it this way : i’m quite interested in the way things work, kinda when breaking toys to see what’s in, so when i started thinking at this blog stuff i wanted also to understand the mechanism and possibly have it much more under control (i.e. having running on my own site). Now apparently after some search and trial and error i didn’t find out a decent free weblogging running on asp (that’s what i’ve on my host along with a NT based webserver). I spent some time playing with graymatter but not much success into playing with Perl on Windows. I found out also this other software but it seems even too much for journal, more “forum” or “bullettin board” like. I may well end up writing my own blogging app on asp, althought i’m not a programmer, so if you know of other alternatives , your input is much appreciated

Hello world!

so they say, and this is my first attempt at a weblog . i’ve been looking around blogs for a while and finally decided to start my own, i’d write an essay (should i really ?) about why people use weblogs, and maybe i’ll do, for now what matter is that by freeing up time involved in creating and updating pages in the “old way” you can take advantage of a quicker system to let your thoughts land on a web page. By saying so, the other thing is : filtering . Not everything i’ll have on my mind will get here, you bet, but what’s there is both for myself to have it set and my hope is that you’ll find it enough interesting to come back and check it out a 2nd time.