See that i’ve a feel for the complicate things… not only long gone are the days when i could claim to be able to play something on my guitar, now after listening over and over to Losing my religion” by R.E.M. and inspired by my analytical sense , i decided for a deeper understanding of the two  guitar parts , one indeed is a mandolin. Not having a mandolin at hand (and not satisfied to play guitar at 12th fret) i attempted arranging the mandolin part on a charango (that tiny guitar you see in the pic, brought me by my uncle when he was in Peru’) . So with no idea of the charango tecnique but armed only by the knowledge of the strange tuning of this 5×2 strings (E A eE C G) and by the long nails on my right hand i’m trying to discover a suitable tabbing, i know i’ll probably end up losing my interest on it (even before my religion)

Ben Harper concert Milan July 23rd 2001 review + setlist

a great concert indeed, let me say it was my first time seeing Ben playing live so things written are from a beginner point of view , hope you’ll understand. My interest in his music is relatively recent (in october 2000 i just heard “Fight for your mind” and my enthousiasm sparked. Nevertheless even after listening to Live from Mars i was not totally impressed by his live performance so better to go and see with my eyes (and ears) The Idroscalo in Milan was quite packed , hot and humid and full of mosquitos but this ain’t nothing

Ben arrived a little late after 10 PM so people was getting impatient after the delay, he wore blue jeans and blue Lacoste polo for the one opened with Oppression and it was quite low profile but it happens with at beginning of the show but the percussion solo was great, yet more and more Ben and his buddies kept growing and on fight for your mind Juan played an incredible bass solo, as if he were in trance, truly powerful, Ben added spice with electrical and noise earthquakes from his Weissenborn on alone and voodo child and the whole band never stop rocking , i mean the whole show lasted nearly two hours and a half with 20 songs and two encores, even the acoustic part, the frist encore was intense and well appreciated. a great

show from a great man (and band), truly.
here we go with the setlist:


get up stand up

burn one down

gold to me

fight for your mind


steal my kisses

the woman in you

vodoo child

ground on down


faded/whole lotta love


waiting on an angel

widow of a living man

i shall not walk alone


welcome to the cruel world

sexual healing

like a king

i’ll rise