A proposito di Ben Harper, in rete ho trovato una recente intervista dove anche lui si arrabbia e non poco :

what EMI has done in Europe is print my CD with an embossed label on the cover. Now, a CD cover is only five inches by five inches, right? Well, they’ve embossed an inch-and-a-half insignia saying, “THIS CD IS COPY-PROTECTED.” Without me knowing and without checking with me!

As much energy and time as I put into my music … [long pause] My music is what I give of myself to culture. And it’s my cultural statement. And they have gone and embossed this huge, ugly insignia on the cover of my record. Without checking with me first! That’s not my technological statement. That’s not my social or cultural statement. That’s not my musical statement. Yet they have used my voice as a vehicle to make their copy-protection statement. And it’s bullshit. And the heads of my record label aren’t even calling to discuss the matter with me!